Kitchen Remodeling




Kitchen Remodeling

Interior remodeling contractors for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Long Island, Prince Development, provides
all-wood kitchen cabinets, choice of granite or quartz countertops along with your full kitchen and bathroom renovation at wholesale prices. Our services include: supplying all cabinets and countertops, carpentry, painting,
flooring, electric, plumbing and architectural frameless shower doors.
Prince Development offers a full range of products and services. Below is a list of our main products with a description of each. If your product has special requirements or considerations, we will be more than happy to discuss them with you during your no-charge consultation.

With strict new laws a building that is standing six feet or high must be critically inspected of its peripheral façade by supervised and registered architect or professional engineer whom will conclude if there are any paraphernalia that may be in danger to collapse. The appurtenances include cornices, parapet walls, bricks, lintels, copings and even reprehensibly installed air conditioners.
Architects who conduct conducting the Local Law 11 inspection will determine the necessary method of inspection and construction companies, such as my own, will perform the actual inspection. There are three criteria’s in which an inspector or an architect performs an inspection and those are: 1) safe, 2) safe with a repair or maintenance program, and 3) Unsafe. Once the building has be given a rating of being safe under the local law 11, the building then does not require any work of any maintenance for the next five years. Any building that receives a rating of safe with repair or maintenance program under the local law 11 may be safe at the time of the inspections but it will require certain repairs and maintenance within next five years to remain safe. If a building receives unsafe upon completion of the inspection will need to complete any and all repairs within the allotted 30 days of time. A building can only be considered safe if the within the time allotted all the repairs are completed for any person or property.

Specializing In

    • Kitchen Cabinets – All 9 cabinet styles are made of all-wood cabinetry in a variety of styles and finishes.
    • Granite Countertops – Over 50 colors, divided into 4 groups. Within 7 days we will measure, fabricate and
    • Quartz Countertops – Over 40 colors, divided into 3 groups. Within 10 days we will measure, fabricate and install.
    • Countertop Edges – All our countertops come standard with a choice of 5 edge styles and an upgrade for 2
      edge styles.
    • Stainless Steel Sinks – Choice of 3 Artisan under mounted single bowl sinks and 3 double bowl sinks.
    • • Kitchen Faucets – 3 Artisan high-end selective styles to choose from. All faucets come in satin nickel color.

For more information on Prince Development, please get in touch with us through the contact page on out website, or you can email us at or give us a call at 1-718-844-6701.